A student project of the Interactive Media Design course at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.
You is an installation, which aims to point out the users behaviour and openness in social networks.
Image recognition, location, user names of social network sites and data bases are used for this purpose. These tools enable someone/you/YOU to find out as much about a person as possible within (just) a few minutes.
As soon as all data has been collected, a personalized message is sent to the person's social media account.
The team observes/keeps an eye on the person and resolves the situation after a number of personalized messages.
After a short conversation, the participants are taken to a screen where all collected data is displayed in a personal profile.
A red buzzer enables the person to irrevocably delete all locally collected data. The fact that this is not nearly so simple in real life is to be clarified with it.
The goal of You is to educate others! The aim is to give people the opportunity to develop an awareness of their data within a protected framework.
The experience should accompany people and enable them to handle their data more cautiously and above all more consciously and to understand the consequences that naive thinking can have these days.